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Removing, repairing and encapsulating asbestos cement (AC) sheets, gutters and all AC stuctures

Blason Roofing is a specialist in the removal, repair and encapsulation of non licensed asbestos work. Our staff are trained and regulary refreshed to keep inline with the UKATA and HSE legislation on non licensed asbestos removal found in roofing and cladding materials in commercial, industrial, and domestic enviromnts. Once surveyed Blason Roofing can advise on the best approach to dealing with the survey report.


What to do if you think you have asbestos in your workplace or home

Don't panic, asbestos is only dangerous when disturbed. If it is safely managed and contained it doesn't present a health hazard
Don't remove asbestos unnecessarily (even by experts). Removing it can be more dangerous than simply containing it 
Don't treat all asbestos materials the same. You only need to use a licensed contractor to work on high risk materials, such as pipe insulation or asbestos insulating panels - not on asbestos cement which is much less dangerous 
Don't assume you need to bring in a specialist in every case. The regulation allows you to inspect your own building and assume materials contain asbestos information is available on the web. 
Don't forget that the regulation is all about protecting maintenance workers and others from asbestos fibres, so concentrate on practical steps to achieve this.

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