Residential work

Residential - Before

At Blason roofing we still stick to our moto that no job is too big or too small. An old tired roof that we replaced in single ply membrane.

Residential - After

The new roof was completed in a day and gave the customer a 20 year guarantee.

Darlington - Before

A tired and old roof that looked in need of a revamp.

Darlington - After

The new roof looked alot neater than the previous an offered a 20 year guarantee.

Liquid waterproofing and single ply membrane

We were asked to look at a leak at a local factory that had recently had a roof refurbishment.

We found the single ply had failed on pop up metal clad box. We incorporated a liquid membrane that could link the metal upstand detail to the single ply membrane roof.

Minimal distrubance to client

The liquid/single ply system allowed us to work from roof level without removing the walls of the clad box which in turn would need scaffolding and crash decks etc causing down time for the factory below.


Industrial units Newcastle

The asbestos had been left to go into disrepair. Blason Roofing were asked to stop the leaks to the newly leased units. The asbestos was found to be structually sound once surveyed and it was deemed the best approach was to clean and encapsulate the asbestos AC sheets in a liquid coating. 

A cost effective approach was decided upon

The asbestos was cleaned and a protecive coating was applied saving downtime to the working area.

Gutter lining cementous asbestos gutters

The failing gutters were causing problems to the working enviroment. It was decided that the best option was to line the gutter with an EPDM embrane.

Corroded Rainwater pipes

Failing downpipes had corroded from internal. The asbestos pipes had been installed for well over 40 years and it was proposed the best option was to completely remove the down pipe and gutter and replace it with a non asbestos cement fiibre rain water pipe and gutter.

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