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A selection of case studies from a range of flat roofing and waterproofing projects that have been undertaken in the last 6 months to demonstrate the multitude of disciplines that Blason Roofing can incorporate on any single project. We work up to £75,000 but also do work on smaller residential jobs starting at £1,000. We are constantly updating the portfolio as new jobs are undertaken and awarded.

1,500 M2 Refurb. Bodywork Direct, Crook, County Durham

Blason Roofing were chosen as the Principle Contractor by the client for the refurb.

The client had an existing bitumen roof replaced with Single Ply Membrane but thought it was not achieable on their budget.

The old roof was a series of bad repairs in need of s full refurb

The roof had been repaired over the years in bitumen torch on but had never been truely water tight for years.

The factory was a working enviroment so minimum disruption was a must

A 40mm recovery board was overlaid then Renolit AlkorPlan membrane saving disruption by not removing old roof.

The finished result

The finished result gave the client a new asheticly pleasing roof at fantastic cost with a 15 year gaurantee.

Contract value £75,000

Liquid waterproofing Gallogate Newcastle

Blason Roofing were contracted to supply and fit a Kemper waterproofing system to external stairs at CityGate Newcastle.

A electrical sub station powering the office buildings was underneath the stairs, the previous 2 systems had failed allowing rainwater in near the sub station.

Seamless waterproofing

The liquid waterproofing can paint into any area giving a seamless finish, this made it the ideal choice for works covered in excesive ammounts of details.

20 year guarantee

One installed and the paving slabs reinstalled all the leaks had stopped from the previous failed installations. Kemper systems the manufacturer of the waterproofing system issued a 20 year guarantee with the work once completed.

Completed in 8 days and watertight

The Kemper product caused no noise, mess, down time or disturbance to the offices either side. The waterproofing was 100% watertight and gave the client what the other 2 sytems had failed to do - protect the electrical sub station below.

Birmingham, St Mary Row. Apartments and retail units

Decking, insulate, membrane and wall cladding

The project was to complete roof and cladding. Blason roofing were given the perlins the project was then to raise the perlins to create a pitch, metak deck, single ply the roof then installed the kingspan wall cladding.

Single ply membrane

Once perlins were raised the metal deck was instaled, 140mm PIR insulation was laid with Iko Armourplan single ply membrane the waterproofing membrane.

Kingspan twin skin wall cladding

By taking on the metal work to create the cut to fall, metal decking and wall cladding Blason roofing can take the hassle out of hiring different trades to complete small areas making it easier for the main client to organise the workload.

The finished project

Working in conjuction with the tiling roofer the finished project was completed in five days.

Student accommodation Newcastle

A large city centre developement for Robertson Construction. Plummer House.

The project envolved a lot of detail works that were unable to be acheived in torch on applications because of the flammable materials in the areas of work.

A series of oriel windows stretching from ground to level 6 needed weathered.

The areas contained a lot of detail hampered further by the scaffolding needed in the vicinity to support works above. 15 skylight and 35 soil vent pipes with new ducts and AOV's into existing roof.


Futher attention to detail was added by Blason Roofing to prevent future problems occuring.

Curb details were made up on site on either side to stop surface water running down the face of the white render once installed. Our experience fitters had encoutered similar problems before and acted to prevent reoccurring design flaws.

Flue, vents, AOV's and soil vent pipes.

The quality of installation is in the details. Detail works are the hardest and if not correctly are prone to leaks.



Wombwell Park School Extension

Metal and Single Ply works for O&B construction.

The new extension to the school cut across the wall where all the windows where to 3 rooms in the old building. Blason Roofing removed the false ceiling below and put through the pilot holes to get extact centres on the skylights.

New aluminium sheets were added built up a series of 'C' sections to support the cap sheet.

 The new aluminium will weather other time to blend in with the existing weathered roof colour.

A Small area of single ply roof was installed by Blason Roofing in AlkorPlan membrane.

The roof was spead our over various ares on the new and old buildings.

Tidy details make all the difference.

The sky lights were manufactured by the suppliers as per the architects drawings and fitted by Blason Roofing.



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